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Sebastian celebrates its 25th Anniversary as an iconic styling brand and reinvents itself once again with a fearless new design for its most classic styling icon with up to 30% better brushability than a multiple award-winning spray. Sebastian goes back to its past to deliver for the future. From red carpet glam to street-style edge, Shaper’s legacy has been shaped by the dynamic demands of the country’s entertainment capital, Hollywood, California. After 25 years of raising the bar, Sebastian introduces the next generation of Shaper hairsprays: Re-Shaper, Shaper Fierce, and Shaper Zero Gravity.

The trio all offers three levels of holding and styling power, representing the ultimate arsenal of shaping stylers. Re-Shaper dresses to impress with limited-edition packaging inspired by the innately cool signature of Sebastian’s newest visionary, jewelry designer Pamela Love. The package design embodies a trend that unleashes a new femininity one of raw energy and fearlessness. The Shaper collection contains a tailored formula combination that allows for maximum molding and shaping potential, without sacrificing long-lasting hold. Styling polymers, natural waxes and minerals modify the surface of the hair to create matte, messy, polished or soft texture. For Sebastian, Pamela Love’s street panache, free spirit and multi-talents create a compound effect that exudes inspiration. Her work as a jeweler, in particular, is exemplary of the power of shaping and reshaping to realize an artistic vision into coveted style. 

Sebastian Professional Re-Shaper hairspray will be available in a limited-edition Pamela Love-inspired design at 10,000 salons nationwide. For more information or to locate a salon near you, please visit

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