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Brown is the new black when it comes to the popular smoky eye. The Sephora Brown Smoky Eyes Palette is a set of all your essentials you need to create mystical brown smoky eyes. This is the 3rd edition of the Sephora tutorials which is trained even more to give you a professional look. Included is 4 of your earthiest tones of eyeshadow, coffee colored eyeliner and mascara that will give you the most rich and voluptuous lashes you ever dreamed of.¬†Everything in this kit is small and accessible for traveling or everyday on the go runs. No one’s perfect, but getting your eyeliner perfected just got alot easier. Sephora Shadow Shields is the convenient and fool proof way to not creating “racoon eyes”. Prevent your eyes from taking a beating to black hands-free. This secret weapon is a must have for any in a hurry moment. A simple but quick fix to applying makeup the right way. Party up eyes from day to night with Sephora Limited Edition Flashy Liner Waterproof Gift Set. Eyes will instantly light up for any nighttime occasion. It includes a high voltage set of 7 metallic waterproof eye pencils. Each long lasting shade glides on smoothly and fine. Stop playing tug a war with your hair. Sephora Snag-Free Hair Elastics makes it simple and easy to put all your fresh locks into a sleek ponytail. It’s unique elastic fiber is trained to tame even the most stubborn hair to stay put. When its time to take your hair down, they easily slide right off without any wild entanglement. Ooo lala, Le Beau Sephora by O.P.I Nail Polish is everyone’s romantic charm. Absolutely stunning blue red is just the perfect color you need for any dinner for two occasions. To purchase visit the Sephora website.

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