Seven Reasons Why Blinds Are Far Better Than Curtains

Blinds or curtains: it’s a big decision to make in any home. Window treatments can significantly change the look of your home, especially if you live in a home with plenty of windows. Additionally, window treatments have a major effect on the way you live your life inside your home. While curtains have been the standard choice for years, more recently people are beginning to discover the advantages of blinds. Below is a list of seven reasons why you should choose curtains over blinds for your home.

Blinds Let You Control the Amount Of Light You Let In

The biggest difference between curtains and blinds in terms of functionality is that blinds give you way more options than curtains. With curtains you have two choices: just open or closed. However, with blinds you can choose to only partially cover your windows, or to open up the vertical slats to allow light in while still shielding the inside of your home from glaring sunlight and damaging UV rays.

Curtains Are a Bigger Fire Hazard Than Blinds

One of the big reasons that people switch from curtains to blinds is to avoid fire hazards. Because curtains stretch from floor to ceiling and are made of flammable fabric, they can cause a fire to spread quickly. Blinds, on the other hand, don’t make your home any more vulnerable to fire than it already is.

Blinds Are Easier To Clean

While curtains need to be taken down and fully washed every three to four months, blinds can easily be cleaned with a feather duster, making the cleaning process for blinds much simpler and far less stressful.

Blinds Give You More Style Choices

Explore the options at a retailer like Blindsgalore and you’ll quickly see that you can find blinds for any home in any style. While curtains will always give a room a more stately appearance, blinds can complement any interior decorating look, be it contemporary, industrial, or shabby chic.

Blinds Take Up Less Visual Space

Blinds are also a popular fashion choice because they take up less visual space than curtains. While curtains can make a small room feel even smaller, blinds can help open up a small room and make it appear bigger.

Blinds Allow For More Privacy Options

In addition to allowing different lighting options, blinds also allow you to maintain privacy in your home while still letting in natural light. You can easily open the vertical slats on blinds in such a way that you can see out, but no one can see in.

Blinds Are More Affordable Than Curtains

The final reason that blinds are far better than curtains is that blinds are more affordable. Perhaps this should have been the number one reason, but given the number of other advantages that blinds possess, the price factor is just the icing on the cake. The best way to find the right blinds for your home is to learn more about the different styles and price points available. Once you do, you will quickly be astounded to see how much more you can do for your home with blinds than you ever could with curtains.