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Are you looking for a luxury watch? Want a watch with heritage and a fascinating story behind the brand? Look no further than Sinn Watches.

Sinn Watches were founded in 1961, by pilot and flying instructor Helmut Sinn. Helmut was a regular ‘blind flyer’ – which is flying without any visual references, simply relying on cockpit instruments. He was dissatisfied with the quality of navigation clocks available at the time so he decided to design and manufacture his own. Helmut then went on to create a range of watches for fellow professional pilots using his aviation knowledge and expertise. The company quickly gained a reputation for producing beautifully crafted, innovative timepieces.

Sinn Watches still adhere to the design philosophy and ethos set down by Helmut of beautiful, functional watches that perform under the most extreme circumstances and can be relied upon to last. In 1994, Helmut sold the company to Lothar Schmidt who has continued Helmut’s legacy and added a variety of new innovations and technology to the Sinn Watch range. Sinn recently initiated TESTAF, the first ever standardised measure for pilot’s watches in professional use. Innovations introduced by Lothar include air-dehumidifying technology, anti-magnetic protection and hydro oil filled cases.

Sin Watches are based in Frankfurt and founder Helmut still lives on the same street just a short walk away. Sinn have gained a global reputation for manufacturing some of the most technically advanced timepieces on the market. The Sinn range consists of a number of different collections of functional watches, engineered to meet the demands of modern life. Sinn combine traditional craftsmanship with pioneering watch technology and produce truly breathtaking pieces that can be relied upon to deliver the highest precision.

Inside the Sinn showroom, a large fish tank sits at one end housing a Sinn UX diving watch and Sinn U200, mounted back to back they rotate submerged amongst the fish. This clever eye-catching set-up demonstrates the revolutionary hydro oil filled technology. The watch face is sealed in oil which eliminates reflections underwater and prevents the dial fogging up when the temperature changes.

All Sinn Watches are assembled by master craftsman with years of experience, and every watch comes with a build certificate from the watchmaker who made the piece. If there are ever any issues with an individual watch, it is returned to the watchmaker who originally built it to be looked at. Each watch is built by just one person, no conveyor line production. Sinn have some of the most extensive testing facilities in Europe and test each timepiece to ensure they can withstand extreme pressure, temperature, shock and test the straps under UV light as well as a number of harsh environmental conditions.

From classic leather straps and easy to read luminous dials to more complex designs finished with a stylish metal bracelet, every Sinn Watch stays true to the brands aviation heritage and Helmut Sinn’s legacy.

With so many different luxury watch brands available it can be difficult to choose a watch. If you want a good-looking watch with a heritage, that will last whatever you put it through, take a closer look at Sinn Watches.

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