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Leave the tea bags to the amateurs and discover the gift of renowned youth from Dr. Goldfaden. Celebrity Dermatologist Dr. Goldfaden has formulated a skincare line that provides preventive and restorative care that holds the most effective powers of Organic Red Tea. This anti-aging compound has been grown on the high mountains of Cape, Town South Africa for centuries.Studies have revealed that Red Tea provides 50x the antioxidant power of Green Tea. It looks like Green Tea has finally crossed paths with a free radical component that can outsmart it. We decided to put the tea to the test with Dr. Goldfaden’s top 3 picks.

Never leave the house without your Daily Scrub. This daily exfoliates is infused with Red Tea and 100% hyaluronic acid for a fresher and youthful appearance. Each ruby crystal perfectly exfoliates away lifeless skin cells and brightens for an overall vivd complexion. Let your skin experience Pure Power. Powerful effects of this serum send important nutrients to skin, creating a rich antioxidant barrier. Reverse the side effects of environmental damage and everyday stress to skin. Give your hands the special treatment with Hands On. Advanced Retinol and CoQ10 work to hydrate hands and stay on the right pigmentation. A lighter approach to old age spots and disruptive discoloration. To purchase visit the Dr. Goldfaden website.

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