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During the 2015: Club e-Luxe International Summit, the core issues and challenges related to taking luxury into the smart era will be addressed in-depth and strategies, tactics and solutions will be proffered, through unparalleled insight, deep analysis, knowledge, demonstrations and direction to the forward-thinking luxury companies seeking to leverage the opportunities of the digital revolution.

The objects we use daily are also becoming smart. And the places we visit, live, work and play in are increasingly getting smart. But more importantly the current digital generation have become even smarter. This smartness is defined by a connected world where wrist watches become mobile phones and mobile phones become car keys and cars transform into driverless geo-navigators. Smartness is
surely seeping into every sphere of our existence.

Is luxury smart? Should luxury be smart? How can luxury become smart? Join in on the conversation at the next summit on June 4th at Shangri La Hotel, Paris.

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