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Niecy Nash, Ashley Benson, Karina Smirnoff, David Arquette, Lacey Schwimmer and Chazz Bono

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, the Susan G Komen event was held at the Social Hill Office on Santa Monica Blvd In West Hollywood. Celebrities such as Niecy Nash from Reno 911, Ashley Benson from the ABC show Pretty Little Liars, “The Situation” from the Jersey Shore, David Arquette, Karina Smirnoff from Dancing with the Stars, Chazz Bono, Lacey Schwimmer, Cassie Scerbo and Eli Roth came to show their support for the cause. 100 percent of proceeds from the foundation go towards finding a cure for breast cancer.

Social hill, who works with 200+ national/international brands reports to us exclusively about the favorite products among celebrities. Below are some of our must haves that deserve to be in the spotlight.

Adonia StemuTone Body Serum – Last minute toning solution when your on the go and don’t have time to workout. Look fit without the weight of dumbbells and awkward yoga positions. Powerful stem cells work together to reduce 32% of age spots, discolorations, scars and stretch marks in 3 days. Erase years from your hands and decollete, restore hydration, say hello to firmer and smoother skin.

Adonia Polishing Sand – Indulge in a chocolate experience without feeling guilty about carbs and calories. This luscious exfoliating body treatment cleanses, exfoliates and leaves skin feeling like cashmere. Adonia Polishing Sand not only revives dull and dry skin but also acts as a anti-aging treatment. Keeps skin clear of dead skin and offers a barrier of protective antioxidants.

Adonia Complexion Control Serum – Having a bad day or just a bad breakout? Let’s face it chemical peels and laser treatments can be a bit irritating. This unique serum contains botanicals and fragrant herbs from rare flowers and plants that help remove unsightly blemishes. Every drop turns dull skin into a healthy glow. In just days you can start seeing unwanted flaws vanish.

Adonia LashAlive Serum – Get beautiful voluptuous lashes and say bye bye to falsies. LashAlive repairs, restores, and rejuvenates while increasing health and vitality to lashes. This beauty concoction doesn’t require a prescription but uses the secrets from ancient Greeks. Each lash is replenished with 19 nourishing organic essential oils and natural botanicals without chemicals or side effects.

Adonia LegTone Serum – In home miracle treatment for cellulite that doesn’t require downtime. Get smoother and sexier legs in just 9 minutes. Adonia LegTone Serum uses advanced Greek plant stem cells to awaken and rejuvenate sagging skin. Naturally reduce the appearance of cellulite with 23 organic botanicals. This serum strengthens weak skin cells and releases cellulite-causing toxins. This last minute emergency treatment is great before a holiday party.

Athena 7 Minute Lift – Face lift in a jar? Hail to the Greek Isles for their beauty secrets. Athena 7 Minute Lift is a wrinkle relaxing cream that is buzzing in Hollywood. Compared to Botox, 12 organic oils go to work blasting away the unwanted cracks that comes with age. This cream tackles wrinkles by tightening and lifting the skin in just 7 minutes . Instant youth miracle that’s perfect for the common aging-phobic.

Adonia Stemulift Serum – Take the 9 day no wrinkle challenge with Stemulift Serum. Boasted as the miracle cream by celebs and beauty junkies abroad. This revolutionary beauty find awakens skin stem cells with a blend of organic Greek botanicals. The formula also targets dark circles, sun damage and the so called chicken neck.

Adonia Daily Cleansing Gel – Skincare of all trades? Invigorating anti-aging cleanser that renews skin cells everytime you cleanse. This daily cleansing gel is filled with a boost of powerful antioxidants that protect the skin and neck. It’s known to help repair repair fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, removes makeup, impurities and reduce pore size.

Adonia Hair Reducer – Want to keep that Brazilian wax intact? Adonia Hair Reducer is a hair inhibiting formula that uses 20 organic botanicals to slow down unwanted hair growth. Works by dramatically weakening hair at the roots in 21 days by 46%. Reduce embarrassing face and body hair without irritation or costly laser treatments.

Adonia BrowRevive Serum – Big brows are the new skinny! If your brows are looking a bit frail you might want to bring them back to life with BrowRevive. 19 organic essential oils nourish and rejuvenate hair follicles. This natural brow enhancer stimulates hair growth leaving brows thicker, fuller and browtiful. For those with over-plucked or thinning brows this is the solution.

Adonia Bronzing Collection – Ever wonder how the stars get a overnight Goddess glow? Adonia Bronzing Collection has been the hottest trend with A-listers. Tori Spelling and Megan Fox have been seen using this Greek tanning secret. This new in-home spa treatment is a healthy and safe alternative to tanning beds and sun bathing. This unique glow potion is mixed with 12 organic essential oils from the Aegean eco-system. Show off your sun kissed tan without streaks or obscene odors. Adonia Bronzing makes the problem of “Umpa Lumpa orange” a thing of the past.

Awareness Life Daily Complete – Some like there vitamins liquid to make sure everything goes down smoothly. Receive all the nutrients your body needs in less than 60 seconds. Daily Complete delivers 243 vitamins, minerals, organic fruits, organic vegetables, antioxidants, enzymes, amino acids, Mediterranean herbs, pure phytoplankton and other essentials to get your day started. Best when added to your favorite smoothie for a full body boost of energy and natural stress reducer.

Awareness Life SynergyDefense – Bloating, heartburn and indigestion is just the few problems we experience when we eat junk or dairy. SynergyDefense blends a pure combination of high quality Non-GMO plant enzymes,  lactobacillus, prebiotics, and antioxidants to help break down milk, fats, carbohydrates, proteins, and sugars.  If your looking to build a healthier digestive tract and build a stronger immune system this will aid you in all your digestive whoas.

Awareness Life Experience – Experience the power of a colon cleanse! Once in a while we are due for an external spring cleaning. A healthy colon is key to proper nutrition and regularity. If your suffering from embarrassing gas, painful heartburn and uncomfortable constipation you definitely in need of a cleansing. This 100 year-old Mediterranean recipe is blended to effectively and gentle cleanse the colon.

Greek Island Labs Joint Mud – Mud bath for joints? Celebs and joint suffers are taking a new approach to finding relief. People suffering from joint problems are now switching to Joint Mud feeling 74% better in 8 minutes. This unique formula uses the Greek wisdom of 27 organic botanicals to treat aches and stiffness. Soothing plant oils of cherry, pomegranate, chamomile, frankincense and black seed come to your joints defense.

Greek Island Labs Green Calcium – Green Calcium is harvested from a unique plant calcium complex from organic kale, organic broccoli and a pure form of algae. This raw calcium supplement is made to recognize and absorb nutrients in the body more easily. Greening your calcium regimen can strengthen bone health and may help reduce the risk of Osteoporosis.

Greek Island Labs Natural Joint – Put your joints to the test and experience the secrets to superior joint health without menthol creams and massage devices. Inspired by the Greek diet and lifestyle, Natural Joint is highly recommend by Doctors who reported seeing noticeable results in 5 days. This unique blend of 37 Greek fruits and vegetables help promote flexibility and mobility in joints.

Other items included were Adonia Beauty, Awareness Health Female Balance, Pure Gardens Skin Cream, PureTrim Truffles and PureTrim Mediterranean Wellness Shakes.

(Note: Review samples were supplied to us free by the PR or Marketing Representative without any paid compensation. Our experiences and opinions are based on honest results without any influence from Advertising Agencies, Marketing Companies, PR Agencies or any other third parties. For further information please see our disclosure page.)

1 Comment

  • Comment by Kelsey — November 16, 2011 @ 7:27 PM

    I absolutely LOVEEE Adonia Products, I have been using their Stem Cell face cream for a while now, and I swear I look years younger from it. Im a total addict!

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