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Connect the dots with Somme Institute Skincare System. Don’t confuse this with the popular 60’s kids game. No games played here all research that involves MDT5 (Molecular Dispersion Technology), delivers a revolutionary blend of 5 energetic vitamin compounds (A, B3/B5, C and E) that penetrate deep into our skins busy cells. Easily labeled bottles are colored coded according to step, allowing you to establish a skin care routine. The key transformation for impeccable skin is all in the 5-step regimen that requires you to serve your skin a daily double dose of five simple products that have been clinically proven to treat moderate to severe skin conditions. In our days of testing the 5-step regimen really enlightened a new quality of clarity to our skin. Our complexion looked brighter, younger and felt smoother. The results were stunning and scientifically amazing because with every application the skins natural impurities began flourishing to the surface for proper healing and destruction. Even though constantly breaking out day after day is pretty frustrating, Somme insists that’s the powerful benefit of it working.

After our extensive 1 month observation we discovered that this high tech skincare combats dry skin, acne, sun damage, age spots, improves texture and skin tone, and blasts away all uneven pigmentation problems. A burst of Nourishing Cleanser is purely evoking to the senses and skin. We absolutely loved the creaminess and milky glow it adds to your skin. Proper swiping of each Transport pad is essential if you want dead skin scuffed away and bad pore blockage gone. Each pad is infused with a blend of alpha/beta-hydroxy and every time it glides onto the skin it feels like an exfoliation roller-coaster. I don’t think you can get too much of anything that contains high dosages of C. Serum is what we call the complete icing on the cake to the whole glowing experience. Great moisturizer always helps to smooth things over that are not so baby fine. A-Bomb is truly “The Bomb” moisturizer that’s a must have for keeping the complexion looking divine. SPF protectors were never big on our skin to-do list but the Double Defense is not like your average sunblock. I guess when it boils down to it; saving your face is major. If you have always dreamed of airbrush quality skin then start using this line because the results our worth a 1,000 words and your confidence is just astonishingly priceless. To purchase visit

(Note: All product samples reviewed were supplied to us free by the PR or Marketing Representative without any paid compensation. Our experiences and opinions are based on honest results without any influence from Advertising Agencies, Marketing Companies, PR Agencies or any other third parties. For further information please see our disclosure page.)

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