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They say beauty is skin deep but your health can be too. You could be looking healthy on the outside but does your body truly feel good on the inside? You can reach optimal health with a simple spray to the mouth. Sprayology is a homeopathic and vitamin oral spray that gives you beauty and wellness from within.Each spritz under your tongue sends vitamins and other nutrients quickly to the bloodstream. Sprayology only uses the finest natural ingredients which offer no side effects and makes it safe for the whole family. The line consists of four groups; rejuvenate, relieve, restore and rebuild, which target concerns of everyday women and men. SleepEase (A therapeutic and stress free way to relaxation), Stress Relief (Instant tension reliever for all those awkward moments), ImmunoBooster (Boost immunity and fight nasty infections at all time high), BrainPower (Supercharge your mind and optimize concentration levels), Daily Multi (A spray of vitamins a day can keep the doctor away) and B-12 + Folic Acid (Important nutrition for women and growing mommies to be) is our top 5 picks for active and on the go lifestyles. To purchase visit the Sprayology website.

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