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You know how celebrities get all of those amazing gift bags? Now it’s your turn. Stylit.TV presents ʻGift Bag Robin Hoodʼ, an online web show at Stylit.TV that not only exposes viewers to the exclusive world of Celebrity Gifting Suites, but also gives them the chance to enter to win gift bags without having to be on the guest list. To date, Stylit.TV has given away over $100,000 in FREE products and just announced their current gift bag contest worth over $3,000.

Each web episode provides a sneak peek guide to the latest trends, new product launches (before they hit the market) and the tightest kept beauty secrets of the stars. These are not secrets youʼll want to keep; the more friends you sign up the more chances you have to win. Hurry! This gift bag expires on October 12, 2010.

Win the $3,000 Emmy Gift Bag:
1. Visit http://Stylit.TV/
2. Click the “Enter To Win” button
3. Enter promoted information
4. Use bonus code “TrendLuxury” & get 20 more chances!

Earn more chances to win:
1. Get friends to sign up. For every 1 person who signs up you get 10 more automatic chances to win in the contest.

2. Enter more bonus codes to earn 5,10 even 20 more chances to win. Bonus codes can be found (hidden) in the video. They are also posted daily on the StylitTV Facebook fan page , Twitter @StylitTV, promo emails they send, on participating brands Facebook pages and Twitter accounts.

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