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Would you like to enjoy incredible star treatment experience that awaits you, wherever your life is destined to take you and feel more confident? Don’t wait around for an instant burn. Get an instant tan with Solerra sunless tanning. Ladies & Gents out there who are not happy with their original skin tone, trade it in for a beautiful bronzed glow.¬†All Solerra sunless tanning products will help you achieve a long lasting, radiant, and streak-free tan all year round. We think that Angie Trelstad, President of Sunless Beauty and Celebrity Makeup Artist, Starley Murray is both deserving of the CEW 2009 Beauty Award! Starley’s belief is that “image is more than what you wear, image is how you represent yourself in life.”

Red Carpet Tanning Secrets

Ex-mitt – First before you attempt to do any kind of tanning application you should exfoliate with this special mitt. The ex mitt contains a blend of gentle cleansers and moisturizers designed to get rid of dead skin for more polished and longer lasting results. Solar Shade – This is the best sunscreen selected by the Skin Cancer Awareness Foundation as their SPF of choice. Clear Mitt – This can be used for your face and body, which are the most convenient way to self tan yourself. Bronzing Mitt– Add an instant bronzie effect to your skin. You don’t have to worry about this bronzer rubbing off on your favorite clothing and luxurious sheets. Sunless Sunless Silk Spray Tan – Use this for an instant darker tan. Sunless Silk – This silky tanning lotion will deliver a flawless & luscious caramel color. Drench – Prolong the life of your beautiful tan. It’s enriched with Vitamin E to maintain maximum moisture to the skin with anti-aging essential oils. To purchase visit the visit the Solerra website.

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