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Jewelry designer and supermodel Nicole Trunfio launches her Trunfio Jewels e-tail website, to introduce her Universe Bracelet and luxurious fine jewelry.

The 27 year old Australian beauty has been at the drawing board and jeweler’s bench for the last year perfecting a feat of jewelry engineering she has christened the Universe Bracelet. Designed to encircle the wrist in gleaming 14-karat gold, platinum or sterling silver, Nicole has engineered a patented screw system to fasten the bracelet with an assortment of interchangeable attachments creating a modern charm bracelet.

The website allows Nicole to share her empowerment philosophy and invites the consumer to “create their own universe” in a three dimensional technique that allows them to select and position a variety of pyramid and heart charms in 14 karat gold, pave diamonds, black diamonds, quartz and turquoise that are interchangeable to match the wearer’s moods. Working with the iconic geometry of the pyramid, Nicole’s premiere collection is a mixture of precious metals and gem stones ensuring each design is both symbolically empowering and a “forever-lasting” investment. Pieces range between $900 to $30,000.

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