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Packed full of the latest technologies for crisp and sharp digital SLR quality images, the retro styled Olympus PEN digital camera has received a dazzling makeover by Crystal Roc. Covered in hundreds of sparkling Swarovski crystals it will be available exclusively to order from Micro Anvika in the Harrods Sound & Vision department on the 3rd floor.The stunning camera is presented in a special limited edition wooden box, which includes two lenses and a matching flash.

The Olympus PEN lets you take fantastic crisp and sharp digital SLR quality images but in a much more compact and manageable design. It can also record HD movies and benefits from many extra features, including six Art Filters, allowing you to explore your creative side in pictures and movies. The new 21st century Olympus PEN is based on the original Olympus PEN, an iconic camera from 1959 that changed the face of photography. An intelligent i-Auto option allows the camera to automatically adjust to six common scene modes, such as landscape, portrait and night and e-Portrait ensures your subjects will always look their best, allowing you to smooth away wrinkles and eliminate imperfections and blemishes. It is priced at £2,049.00.

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