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Hard Rock Hotel & Casino is offering the ultimate spa gift with all the sweet trimmings. If your looking for total relaxation with just the right amount of sugar consider a unique Candy Cane Ritual. This luxurious treatment is exclusively at Reliquary Water Sanctuary & Spa during the month of December.

Guests will experience a sensory awakening from raw sugar cane juice combined with crystals and peppermint oil to exfoliate and deeply moisturize fatigue bodies. You will gradually drift away to pure bliss as the ritual continues with the use of bamboo reeds for drumming, tapping and rolling over sore muscles. The combination of calming peppermint oil and the soothing motions of the bamboo reeds create a perfect balance that relieves the body’s energy flow while also working deep within the muscles.

Located inside the luxurious HRH Tower, Reliquary is a destination spa experience.  The over-indulgent deluxe space includes an over-sized reception/lounge area, 21 treatment rooms, fitness center, men’s and women’s locker facilities complete with lounge and fire place,  jacuzzi’s, saunas and dry saunas.  At the epicenter of the new 25,000 sq. ft. spa is the stunning co-ed Roman Bath. Known for its ancient history of healing waters, Hard Rock’s version of a century’s old bathhouse features private cabana areas, lounge space and great spa amenities.

Photo Credits: Erik Kabik

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