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  • March20th

    Brown is the new black when it comes to the popular smoky eye. The Sephora Brown Smoky Eyes Palette is a set of all your essentials you need to create mystical brown smoky eyes. This is the 3rd edition of the Sephora tutorials which is trained even more to give you a professional look. Included is 4 of your earthiest tones of eyeshadow, coffee colored eyeliner and mascara that will give you the most rich and voluptuous lashes you ever dreamed of. Read More | Comments

  • March5th

    Ran out of ways on how to stop your eyeliner and mascara from smudging? We understand that makeup is trained to perfect and enhance our beauty, but sometimes they come with built in flaws. We then turn to over priced cosmetics for better results but constantly receive failed promises.

    blinc has come up with an innovative concept by creating H20 resistant mascara and eyeliner. Read More | Comments