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  • March29th


    Do you have a serious “sweet tooth”, passion and desire for the sweeter things in life? Well, Divine Chocolate was created for your most heavenly pleasures. This premium fair trade chocolate is sure to enlighten your sugar impulses. When you slip a piece of Divine Chocolate in your mouth, you will experience the mouth watering taste of pure cocoa butter and milk chocolate.  Read More | Comments

  • March21st

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    Women & Men can now experience professional waxing treatments at home. MOOM uses the most purest and organic ingredients to remove unwanted hair pain free. Infused with Chamomile, Sugar, Lemon Juice, Tea Tree Oil and water helps nourish the skin during the hair removal process. Anyone with sensitive skin can use these waxing kits without irritation. Read More | Comments

  • March11th

    What more can a woman ask for than turning the aging ticker back a few notches. Kimberly Sayer Restore Anti-aging Cream is programed to tighten, firm and sooth the skin. You can regain elasticity and that thing we call youth. Teens and Adults at some point have been through the acne phase. Read More | Comments

  • March11th

    Make your next summer getaway eco-friendly. Fight daily harmful skin pollution and toxins that are wreaking havoc on your skin the “Go Organic” Trip Kit. Everything you need that offers solid protection and nourishment at your fingertips while you’re on the go or making plans for your holiday travels. Total bliss and total spa quality skincare products that will keep skin clearer, healthy and protected. Read More | Comments

  • March7th

    Is your skin receiving adequate nutrition for healthy and glowing skin? Bring awareness to the environment and your skin by adding Organoderm to your skin’s diet. Olive Watercress & Cucumber Cleanser cleanses with skin quenching apple juice and sweet orange oil for a vibrant complexion. Submerge yourself in Olive Watercress & Cucumber Body Moisturizer. Read More | Comments

  • March6th

    Dare to be smooth? Take a risk and let your body glow. Russell Organics Lemon Jojoba Body Polish will send your skin into a deep hydration rush. Micro jojoba wax beads, organic shea butter and aloe vera work to moisten, revitalize and detoxify the skin. Prep and prepare the skin with Russell Organics Green Tea & Apple Face Wash. Read More | Comments

  • March1st

    Manage the unmanageable with Dr. Hauschka Neem Oil. Reconstruct dry, brittle and chemically treated hair. It adds a complete unbreakable and bouncy look. Keep eyes moist and young with Dr. Hauschka Eye Contour Day Balm. The combination of earthy plant oils, extracts and buzzing beeswax strengthens, smooths and protects the eye area. Read More | Comments

  • March1st

    NVEY ECO Organic makeup combines luxury and nature to create one of the most pure and beautiful makeup brands. NVEY ECO is made from exclusive Bio Organic formulas and methods, carefully selected mineral ingredients blended with natural botanical extracts and powerful antioxidants. Read More | Comments

  • February28th

    Be kind to your baby’s hair and skin with Weleda Calendula Shampoo & Bodywash. With its gentle lather, your baby’s hair and skin will feel velvety soft. With the help of Weleda Calendula Lotion a mother can nurture and protect her baby’s skin. Your baby’s skin deserves a sweet and supple glow. Soak up the orange! Read More | Comments

  • February26th

    Has perfume based products got your skin irritated? Make the transition to Desert Essence fragrance free haircare and body collection. This organic line leaves the perfumery behind and focuses on nurturing the hair and skin. If you have allergies or sensitivities you found your match since its 100% vegan, cruelty and wheat/gluten free. Shampoo and condition your hair with minerals and vitamins for strong Rapunzel locks. Read More | Comments