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Are you looking to experience the NYC nightlife? Imagine you and your friends hanging out at the most most exclusive bars in the city. Sounds likes celebrity status? Take Me Out, a NYC nightlife tour company that takes guests to the hottest spots around the city, handling everything from limousine transportation to reservations at each stop.

Take Me Out was born in May 2012 after founder Ori Mor spent several months hosting guests from all over the world in his NYC residence. Feeling there was a need for a local guide service to show tourists and locals more of NYC’s secret and exclusive nightlife location, Mor organized his first tour via social media. Since then, the company has expanded and created a variety of other night life tours for guests. The company focuses on providing the best in local nightlife with a strong emphasis on drink quality. Its guests never spend time waiting in lines or waiting for drinks at a bar.

One of the Take Me Out’s tours includes the popular Mixology tour. This particular tour includes two charted limos, guides who whip up great drinks for tour-goers along the way, and stops at some of the city’s trendiest bars. If you’r the type who is looking for something a little different, try the company’s most popular tour, the Prohibition Tour. This tour transports you back to the 1920’s and takes you to secret bars and hidden speakeasies throughout the city, some of which feature burlesque and jazz shows during the week. Along the way, sip champagne, enjoy the limo ride, and learn about the era as you visit each stop.

Other tours on the company’s roster include their nightclub tour for those who love to dance, and a singles social tour. No need to worry about finding a date, as the company sets everything up! With over 300 tours in the last six months, tourists and New Yorkers alike have found that Take Me Out connects them to real, local experiences with ease.

Take Me Out Tours currently offers five existing tours on their roster, but also offers custom events. Attendees can expect on average three stops per tour and each starts from $100-$150 per person. Tours run most nights of the week, starting as early as 5pm, with most starting around 9pm.

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