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Anne Hathaway Beauty Secrets

We all wish that we could know the red carpet beauty secrets. With the recent release of Les Misérables in the cinema, we’ve been reminded (as if we could forget!) of one of our favorite beauty icons, Anne Hathaway. But just how does she stay looking so beautiful? Here are some of Anne’s secrets to looking gorgeous on and off set:

Pucker Up With Rouge Lips

There are few people who don’t pull off a red pout – it’s all about finding the right shade for you. Anne is a big fan of a red lip, and it’s rare that we don’t see her fierce smile wearing rouge. Maybelline’s ‘Pleasure Me Red’ is a fantastic match for Anne’s porcelain skin and you can find it at your nearest drugstore for under £7. Bargain.

Sun Cream

We should all protect our skin from harmful UV rays, but light-skinned ladies like Anne are even more at risk than the rest of us. Sun damage causes premature aging and pigmentation, so always apply sun cream. Choose a moisturizer with a minimum SPF of 15 to keep your visage protected. ‘A Perfect World’ by Origins is a great sun protectant for the summer months as it has an SPF of 35.


Go natural or go home. It’s pretty tricky to find a foundation that applies both max coverage and still looks like your skin. Chanel’s Vitalumiere is loved by many celebs and creates a glowing finish. Use a slightly dampened beauty blender for that airbrushed, Hollywood look.


For Anne, less is usually more, and eyeliner plus red lip is usually the winning combo she goes for. Try liquid liner to elongate your lashes; it holds so much better than gel and pencil and will keep you camera-worthy all night.


Lancôme  Hypnose is a gorgeous mascara that will give you the kind of fluttering lashes that Anne’s famous for. Say goodbye to heavy, spidery lashes with this magic wand. It’s a gentle formula that plumps up and separates, so you’ll never have pesky clumps again!


For that pretty glow Anne always achieves in her rosy cheeks, brush on the pink blusher to highlight your smile. Anne’s all about minimalist makeup, so contouring her cheeks is a must.


The success of a coiffure is all in the volume and styling – this is why you need Bumble & Bumble’s (Un)dressing Creme in your life. This designer cream will create fantastic texture without weighing down your locks. We’re all jealous of Anne’s glossy and thick hair, but we mere mortals must do our best!


Face of Lancome’s Magnifique perfume, Anne Hathaway completely suits the sweet, feminine tones of this scent. The bottle itself is stunning and it’s versatile enough to work as a day or night fragrance. Perfect for the office and the dance floor.

Beauty Tricks

When interviewed on the red carpet, Anne said that to look her best she drank plenty of water and got lots of sleep. If that’s all it takes to look as glorious as Anne, pass us the H2O and a duvet cover! There’s hope for us yet!

Author: British beauty blogger Zoe has written this post for Salons Direct, who provide salons with all their beauty trolley, furniture and hairdressing needs. How do you like to replicate Miss Hathaway’s classic beauty? Let us know in the comments!

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