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When it comes to fashion, there are certain trends that every person in America can probably afford. For example, the popular colored jean trend is available at most discount stores making it an affordable option for most fashion conscious Americans. However, other trends are more luxurious and hard to come by. These trends are reserved for the rich and famous. If you want to really indulge, look to obtain one of the following luxury fashions.


When it comes to clothing, there is arguably nothing more luxurious than a great piece of fur. Many covet mink and shearling jackets and vest. These pieces are not only elegant, but they are also synonymous with high fashion. The top designers in the world often use fur in their collections. It pairs nicely with other pieces and looks expensive and fancy at the same time. If you plan on investing in fur, it is important to visit a reputable fur shop. Also, keep in mind that you may need fur alterations to ensure that your garment fits perfectly.

Designer Handbag

Women who sport expensive handbags often showcase luxury fashions. Although these handbags look similar to others that are cheaper in price, they have a designer logo on them. Consumers are often willing to pay a premium for this logo because it looks better. In most cases, the handbag is usually constructed out of better materials as well.  However, if you plan on investing in a designer handbag, it is important to make sure it is authentic. Many people try to sell knock off versions of these bags. While they look similar, they are not the same quality.

Designer Stilettos

In addition to designer handbags, if you want to splurge, you can also invest in designer stiletto heals. Most of the time, these shoes will cost you a small fortune. In some cases, they may even cost as much as your monthly mortgage. Even worse, they are rarely comfortable. However, they do look beautiful on women’s feet. Many designers also make an effort to add extra details to their shoes like an emblem or logo to make them stand out from a generic shoe that is less expensive. For example, some designers will create a special sole for their shoes.

Expensive Watch

Another luxury fashion that the rich and famous usually wear is an expensive watch. This watch is most likely worth as much as the average car on the road. It comes from a fancy jewelry store that most people never set foot in. Usually, it is a custom creation with diamonds or special stones. Also, many of these expensive watches do not even need batteries. Instead, they rely on the sun for energy.


Finally, the ultimate fashion piece is a fancy car that very few dealerships own. This car usually costs as much as the average house, and it usually isn’t the only car the person owns. Instead, it’s the car for the weekends! It’s beautiful, expensive, and luxurious.

If you want a life of luxury, you can purchase some of these top fashion items. However, you might need a lot of money first, or a credit card with a huge limit!

Author: Patty Ballard has been a business owner for 15+ years and likes to write about products and services she finds useful.

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