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A cigar is the sign of sophistication and luxury. Smoking a cigar is like an art, one must master it. Among different cigar varieties, Cuban cigars are considered to be the most elegant ones. A person smoking a Cuban product is said to have good taste. One piece of the cigar has nearly 100 intricate steps followed behind its making. It includes basics like seed plantation up to the finishing touch i.e. packing the final box. Such a complex process gives out the worthwhile experience of smoking the finest quality Habanos. An authentic Habanos is sought after by all cigar aficionados.

There are different types of Cuban products available in the market. The variation depends on the shape, size, color, flavor of the cigars. There are straight cigars called the Parejos whereas fancy cigars are called Figurados. The cigars vary in size in terms of their length and ring size. Heavy, standard and slender are basic three kinds of ring gauges available for the cigars. Different names are there for Cuban cigars in the market. Such names include Cohiba, Partagus, Romeo y Julieta, Hoyo de Monterrey, Punch, Montecristo and various others. An authentic Cuban product is a masterpiece above all.

The color of the cigars is usually uniform. However there is variation in shades sometimes. And if so then the arrangement of the cigars inside the box is somewhat special. The darker shades products are kept in the left hand followed by the lighter shades to the right. The edges of the cigars are cut absolutely clean to give them the required finesse. The manufacturing of the Habanos is a real art. Apart from features like no tobacco booking, selecting the finest material for the humidors, flavor is another important factor. There is plethora of flavors available for the cigars. For example, Romeo y Julieta cigars have balanced flavor of cinnamon and creamy mocha with a tint of honey. This creates a magical feeling inside the mouth. Again Punch cigars are of nutty cedar wood flavor with vanilla essence creating a royal taste.

With the increasing popularity of the Habanos, there have been some loop holes in the cigar business. For instance, a considerable amount of fake cigars are being manufactured. And it has been really a challenge to identify the genuine Cuban cigars from its counterfeits. However the cigar aficionados know how to buy an authentic Habanos. The cigars should be properly stored in a well made humidor at an optimum temperature and humidity. The environmental level control is crucial for the cigars. These must be kept far away from any kind of strong odor. The sealing of the cigar box is another important step. And it is done with lots of detailing. There is a warranty seal labeled as “Republica de Cuba” along with the buying date stamp. The other detailing include serial number of the product embedded as micro printing, invisible UV watermark etc. All of these together make the Habanos a style icon for people.

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