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How important is a shirt? That is a loaded question. Most people, especially men, put on at least one shirt a day. Bottom line, men typically don’t leave the house without a shirt. There are many kinds of shirts in a man’s wardrobe from the most sophisticated dress shirt to the casual tee. There is a time and a place for all of them, but there are some important tips to keep in mind when you’re picking out a new shirt, as well as when you’re getting dressed. When it comes to tips on shirts there is no shortage of opinions, but for men, PeterMillar is always a good resource.

Get The Size And Fit Right

One of the first things to remember when you buy a shirt is to get the right size. Having a shirt that is too bulky or too big around the neck does not make you look thinner. It can actually have the opposite affect and make you look even larger. It’s best to buy fitted shirts that almost hug your torso and waist and leave the extra bulk out. The collar should also be just right. You don’t want it too tight, but if you leave too much space it can look awkward. Being able to comfortably fit one finger between the collar and the neck is the rule of thumb. If any more fingers fit in there, then it’s too big. Don’t be the victim of a limp collar.

The Collar Is Key And Cuffs Are Cool

The size of the collar is not the only thing to consider. The cut is also very important. There are several types of collars, but according to the only correct choice is the semi-spread. The semi-spread is not too narrow or wide and is perfectly balanced. It beats the straight-point cut, the button-down look as well as the full spread.

Don’t Be Afraid To Go Bold

These days dress shirts come in all kinds of different styles and colors, so you don’t have to stick to the basics. It’s perfectly OK to go bold with both brighter colors and patterns. Plaid is always a good choice for work or on a date. It’s definitely acceptable to go with some brighter colors like pink or yellow. That doesn’t mean you go neon or even hot pink, but a subtle shade works just great with a stylish sport coat or jacket. Polo shirts for men are another area where you can add a little more color, especially when it comes to choosing something like golf apparel, for example.

Custom Made Is Worth It

Although not everyone can afford them, custom-made dress shirts offer a touch of class that you can’t get at your local department store. They can be expensive but when a shirt is hand made it fits perfectly the first time you put it on and even molds to your body as you continue to wear it. So if you can afford them, custom-made shirts are the bomb.

Dress For Success

When it comes to your shirts, don’t settle for less than the best. Just remember these few simple style guides and tips from Peter Millar and you too can look like a man who knows his way around the closet.

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