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People do not want something derivative. They want the real thing and this is the whole idea behind EDITION” Ian Schrager (one of the founders of the hotels). EDITION is an unexpected, refreshing collection of individualized, customized, one-of-a-kind hotels. The brand showcases the best dining and entertainment options, services, amenities and offerings for guests and locals.

The brand is conceived by Ian Schrager in a partnership with Marriott International. It combines the personal, intimate, individualized and unique lodging experience that Ian Schrager is known for, with the global reach, operational expertise and scale of Marriott. This delicate balancing act will encompass, for the very first time, not only great design and true innovation, but also great personal, friendly, modern service as well as outstanding, one-of-a-kind food, beverage and entertainment offerings… “all under one roof”. The authenticity and originality that Ian Schrager brings to this new Brand coupled with the global reach of Marriott results in a truly distinct product that sets itself apart from anything else currently in the marketplace.

The Istanbul EDITION is an exclusive hotel in the heart one of the world’s most vibrant cities at the nexus of Europe and Asia. It serves as a sophisticated hub providing multiple venues for relaxing and entertaining. Designed in collaboration with Gabellini Sheppard Associates to an exceptional standard of modern luxury. Every aspect of The Istanbul EDITION is treated as an experience of the highest quality and understated elegance. The Istanbul EDITION’s guest rooms combine stunning design with exceptional comfort and discreet luxury.

The participation in the Luxury Lifestyle Awards by EDITION Hotels proves the absolute uniqueness and the exclusiveness of the Award in luxury segment’s class.

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