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Empire Residence is a part of Multivilla and located between the beaches of the Mediterranean and famous Barborosa Street. Here is to be found a warm mild climate, a boundless azure sea, majestic mountains, clean healthy air, the smell of flowers and aromas of herbs, bright and trim embankments, broad boulevards and a rich historical and cultural heritage, hospitable and friendly people – all this creates a powerful desire to stay there for a long time.

Multivilla company is leading the Empire Residence and offers customers dynamic work, professional team, reliability, high quality, rich architectural base, broad portfolio and the hottest offers, superior service, and legal protection.

Multivilla is recognized and respected not only in Turkey but also abroad for many years. Professional experts in their field are doing everything to ensure that their clients are satisfied with the services and operation.

As a participant of the Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2014, Empire Residence creates a new image of luxury lifestyle and proves the uniqueness of this award in the luxury segment.

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