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Sweeping across 12 kilometres of stunning Red Sea coastline, the Sahl Hasheesh has been built with a view to becoming Egypt’s premier tourist destination. Still relatively unknown in global tourism terms, the region is yet to witness the larger numbers of tourist visitors who regularly visit more well known resorts such as Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada.

As with so many of the leading tourist destinations around the world, the journey to the Sahl Hasheesh slowly evolves to give you the impression that you’re heading to somewhere special. As you gradually leave the everyday hustle and bustle of Hurghada, you’re transported through the arid Egyptian landscape until the lush green landscapes of the Sahl Hasheesh begin to gradually draw you in, creating a feeling that you’re entering some form of ancient oasis. As the iconic Pharaonic Gates signify the entrance to the Sahl Hasheesh, the luxury surroundings signify your arrival at a true five star destination.

Designed to cater for the most discerning of visitors, the Sahl Hasheesh is now home to a wide selection of luxury hotels, all of which offer an almost unparalleled choice of leisure and sporting facilities. From golfing to scuba diving, the Sahl Hasheesh caters for every type of active lifestyle. For those who prefer a more sedate vacation, the many shops, cafes, restaurants and boutiques provide ample opportunity for simply watching the world pass by. In the evenings, there is an array of entertainment on offer throughout the Sahl Hasheesh, however the focus is undoubtedly around the stunning piazza and Old Town districts, where numerous musical shows and events are regularly held.

It is likely that the Sahl Hasheesh will gradually enter the more mainstream tourism consciousness in the coming years, however today the resort still exudes a more serene feel. So if you are looking for property for sale in Egypt, or are simply looking for a luxury break for you and kids, why not take a look at the Sahl Hasheesh, and sample for yourself what is undoubtedly one of Egypt’s hidden gems.

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