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James Bond is cool, unbelievably cool. Every Man wants to be him, every woman wants to be with him. The fast cars, money, gadgets and woman has been the essence of the James Bond character for some years now; a lifestyle that any man can only dream of having.

You can now, however, achieve the understated James Bond look. The classic ironic Bond look has been admired for years. Take a suave black tuxedo, a crisp white shirt and finish off with the staple bow tie and for one evening at least you can look like Bond.

You can buy this look from many retailers but offers the best deal. For only £149.99, you can get the tuxedo, shirt and bow tie. Not only that, but now is offering the brand new 007 fragrance for free to make every lady swoon at your feet.

So next time you have that special event to attend to attend, make sure you embrace your inner 007 so you are the ultimate style icon in the room.

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