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For the majority of us, the global security concerns of our day make for very concerning news stories and graphic newspaper front covers. They share with us the tragic events impacting a very unfortunate few, but in reality they pose very little risk to the majority of the general public; after all, what are the odds of being caught in a life-threatening situation? For some, the odds are a lot higher than they’d like and the reality of a breach of personal security is all too realistic. Are you one of the minority of individuals who, probably because of your success in life, have had cause for security concerns in your day to day activities, and your travels in and out of various cities and countries? If so, now may be the time to consider speaking to specialist providers of armoured cars, such as Armoured Shielding.

Whether it’s a carjacking, hostage taking situation, robbery, or random terrorist attack; high net worth individuals and families, business executives, political leaders, and celebrities have all been subject to attacks on their vehicles while travelling from one engagement to another.

If tested, how would your current vehicle stand up to confrontation?

Giving you protection

With the experience of 8000 armoured vehicles behind them, Armoured Shielding are a world leader in the provision of armoured and secure vehicles and experts in their field. Offering the option of adding protection to your existing vehicle, or providing you with one that is new and fully armoured, you will enjoy the benefit of bullet-resistant glass, protection from explosive devices, and armoured body work with the ability to resist attacks from various firearms including the AK-47, and high powered rifles.

Get out of trouble!

Rather than attempting to withstand an assailant’s attack, the much preferred option is of course to flee the scene as soon as you become aware of potential danger. To assist you in doing so, effective features such as run flat tyres and reinforced bumpers will help to get you out of the danger zone as quickly as possible.

By using light-weight armour that allows for minimal impact on vehicle performance while still providing high levels of protection, your vehicle will maintain the ability to get you out of the danger zone both quickly and safely.

What’s the risk?

Unfortunately global news and research seems to be consistently suggesting that the risk in on the increase. Firearm availability around the globe has increased, leading to an increase in gun crime. As gun crime has risen, so too have attacks on victims travelling by automobile. In years gone by carjacking’s and kidnappings were largely restricted to developing countries, but this has now evolved and expanded to developed countries such as the UK, USA, and Australia also being targeted. This expansion appears to be largely due to the increase in firearm availability to would-be assailants, as well as the wealth of the potential victims.

What’s the cost of armouring my car?

Armoured Shielding state that prices of armoured vehicles vary from less than £20,000, right through to £90,000, all depending on the size of vehicle and level of protection required.

Although it would be preferred to never put armoured cars to the test, if the armour does get utilised then it’s surely a small price to pay for life-saving safety and peace of mind. If, however, the costs associated with armouring your car seem a little intimidating, the alternative question to ask is: What’s the potential cost of not armouring my car?


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