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When it comes to yachting, everyone knows that not just any destination will do. Top of the line boats deserve to be treated with top of the line locations. Around the globe, anyone serious about yachting will find that there are many locations that seem to be calling their name, begging them to bring their boat out to enjoy waters that many can only dream about seeing. Treat yourself to some of these to die for locals, amazing places to see on your next yachting getaway, which are perfect for professional sailors and luxury liners alike.

One cannot simply think of yachts and luxurious getaways without thinking about the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. Many travelers go to this paradise in the sea to enjoy the warm, tropical water and white sandy beaches that are so reminiscent of the Caribbean. One could spend each day at a different port, enjoying the delights each island has to offer. The main island of the region is Tortola, which offers tourists an exciting array of activities that are sure to please. Explore ancient ruins or take a load off at one of the many yacht clubs that populate the area.

Another great location to go on a yachting excursion would be the Cyclades islands in southeastern Greece. Steeped in ancient history and beautiful sights, this Mediterranean sightseeing destination is one that simply should not be forgotten! Among many of the sights, the islands of Delos and Mykonos will leave a special impression on anyone interested in ancient architecture and Greek mythology. Enjoy the beautiful scenery from the deck of your yacht, or take a tour to see two thousand year old mosaics and partake of the rich culture of this magical place.

Another jewel of the Mediterranean is the beautiful Mallorca on the south coast of Spain. This gorgeous getaway will leave you with a sense of wonder as you gaze upon the majestic cliffs of the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range. It is also a great place for a scenic hike or bike ride. The secluded beaches of the region are known for their untouched beauty, and are simply a must see when yachting in this area.

Take your yacht north to Stockholm, Sweden to enjoy a majestic land of untamed beauty. Sweden is one of the top boating destinations because the Stockholm Archipelago has over twenty-four thousand islands just waiting to be discovered! This Scandinavian region boasts over one thousand fjords along the western coast that are teeming with wildlife and natural beauty, perfect for anyone looking to do a little yacht exploration. Stockholm also offers a wide variety of decadent cuisines for you and yours to indulge in.

Anyone who owns a yacht knows that yachting is not simply about going places, but it is about experiencing places. Yachting is a passion that can only be satisfied by going out there and experiencing the world as you never have before. Adventure awaits as you make your way to far-flung and exotic locations, and give your yacht the vacation it deserves.

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