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For many of us in the world, we love and adore the luxury of being able to lay at night in the most comfortable and generous bed that money can afford. Out there in the world are an array of luxurious and dreamlike beds that are just waiting to be slept in; unknown to most however, is the fact that you don’t have to pay through the roof to own one. So, without further a-do, here are some of the most luxurious beds on the market:

TV Bed:

If you’re a person who enjoys watching TV in bed before going to sleep, then a TV bed combines two of your favorite things. Not only will the television be in prime position whilst you’re watching, but neither will you have to make the perilous journey to turn the television off as when you’ve done, it will simply fold away into the slick recesses of your bed. Not only is the TV Bed luxurious but affordable, with cheap TV Beds from the TV Beds Centre anyone can enjoy one without breaking the bank.

Monoir Bed:

Available from as little as £2325 from And So To Bed, London; this beautiful Lous Phillippe period bed has an everlasting and beautiful appeal and all with a rich cherry finish that a king would be proud of. Also available are Manoir drawer chests, cabinets and mirrors also available from the bedding company.

Wave Bed:

A bed possibly more suited for the use by children, this rather chic design offers a contemporary bed that offers great amounts of space for storage (or other children), and will suit any child who just wants to have fun when they’re not using it for sleep! Designed by Mimondo, the Danish manufacturer is challenging the conventional bed design by providing a piece of furniture that is simply inspiring.

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