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“This article is brought to you by Best Of The Kimberley. Compensation was provided for this guest post.” – Recently, when over 1,100 Australian travelers were polled for the country’s Best Of Awards, they hailed the Kimberly region in Northwestern Australia as the Ultimate Dream Destination and the Best Adventure Vacation Destination. It also secured the honor of the Best Cruise Experience. With so many breathtaking regions and exciting destinations located in Australia, what prompted those polled to settle these accolades on the Kimberley region?

True Wildness Adventures

With a population of less than 40,000, this region of northern West Australia impresses upon every visitor a sense of its remoteness, of the vast stretches of geologic time written in stone beneath the sky. In fact, it is one of the most sparsely populated regions on the face of the earth. Keeping that in mind, is it any wonder that it piques a sense of adventure in those who behold it? Covering 421,000 square kilometers, this region holds some of the most ancient chapters of Australia’s story. Here, visitors can explore the many gorges and rock formations, untouched by the bustling present. Scenic beaches await their pleasure and sweeping vistas of massive cattle stations offer a panorama that will leave you breathless with its scope.

Because of its stunning natural resources and utter remoteness, the Kimberley region has acquired a name for fantastic natural adventures and justly so. In its vast heart, it holds some of Australia’s most precious wildlife preserves and world heritage sites, providing ample opportunities for visitors to experience natural wonders they won’t see anywhere else on the continent. Follow the intricate cave systems in Tunnel Creek National Park. Navigate the truly singular Windjana Gorge or set sail for the far horizon on the beautiful Lake Argyle.

The truly unspoiled beauty of three national parks—Pumululu, Geike Gorge, and Mitchel River—offer a panoply of unequaled opportunities to experience unique geology, flora, and fauna to every visitor young and old. Other singular experiences available in the region are camel rides along Cable Beach near Broom, four-wheel tours along the unequaled Gibb River Road, and guided hikes of all varieties. There is something for every shade of adventurous spirit in the Kimberley Region.

Step Into the Dreamtime

This area is also rich with cultural resources that are unique to Australia. If you’re seeking an anthropological touchstone, spend time in the remote splendor found on Dempier Peninsula. Here, you’ll see authentic prehistoric indigenous rock art, be able to acquaint yourselves with the indigenous culture, and truly begin to feel the landscape beneath your feet as an integral part of all life. Visit an indigenous cultural center where stories of the Dreamtime are told. Learn how to make traditional hunting implements, and test your skills with fishing. Then, take a taste of authentic Bush cuisine, an experience not to be missed.

More Than This

But there is so much more than simply outdoor excitement and unique adventure to be found in the Kimberly. Because it’s home to some of the continent’s most exquisite natural splendor, travelers accorded it the title of Best Dream Vacation, and it lives up to it’s accolades. While you can avail yourself of ample hiking explorations, unique indigenous encounters that deepen your understanding of the world, and lessons in geological processes, you can also find a stretch of beach and set up your towels and lunch baskets.

The region hosts some of the most beautiful and pristine beaches, with easy access to resplendent offshore snorkeling opportunities. This makes it a paradise beneath the waves as well as overland. Beyond this, it is also home to some of the most interesting mining and pearl diving operations in the country, and you can learn about these industries in a relaxed and entertaining environment—a unique part of your holiday.

The Kimberley is also considered the top cruise destination, and it’s no wonder. The coastline of the Kimberley is a beautiful necklace, jeweled with secret coves, beaches, and some of the most exquisite scenery available. As well, visitors may elect to explore the stunning Buccaneer archipelago where they’ll witness yet more natural wonders of the region. For any cruise lover, the Kimberley offers ample ports of call, diving opportunities, and breathtaking vistas for their delectation.

Whether you want to explore the rugged interior and see the delights of nature in all their glory or relax on a romantic holiday for two, the Kimberley is a region equally suited to a number of pursuits. It offers every visitor a unique collection of memorable moments, a gift of time more precious than gold. The Kimberley will amaze you, but it will also bring you a sense of wonder that is often lost in the fast-paced world of everyday responsibilities. Make time to visit this magnificent region, and you will return home refreshed in both body and mind.

Author: This article was written by Australian travel writer Daniel Johns on behalf of Best of the Kimberley tours and cruises in Western Australia.

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