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Texture, Texture, Texture! This year, the trend forecast points to mixing eye-catching colors and contrasting textures for a look that’s whimsical and chic. Olga De Nogga’s line featured plush velvet blazers in deep blue and purple, while designer Ray Vincent included this full-ruffle top. Collections weren’t shy about the bling either; Mason Sylvester’s line was dominated by sequined Harrington jackets in both silver and gold. Soft and smooth mingles with rough and rowdy, a little sheen adds to the glitz of an elegant evening, and a little rule-breaking with texture and color make a big impression.

Fashion in Combat: Military-Inspired Style
Atten-tion! Military-inspired fashion is one that never really goes away, and we’re happy to say the trend remains in full-force for fall. From brass buttons to cargo pockets to full-on epaulets, polished uniforms were seen all over the runway. Cargo-pants were given a cleaner, more tailored fit, while double-breasted brass-buttoned coats and combat boots remained tried and true staples to the military trend.

Feminine Prints Made Masculine
As a woman, I’ve read time and time again how to rock the menswear trend without looking like a man. This year, the gender inspiration was reversed – and how. An unexpected sight on the runway were burly, muscular men donning a lot of traditionally very feminine prints. From pink-and-purple paisley numbers to floral accent prints to dainty lace sleeves, designers were taking the phrase “real men wear pink” to a whole new level. It’s all about menswear with a feminine twist.

Abstract, Angular Structures
The runway featured anything but classic cuts this year. Designers took a new approach to structuring jackets and vests, reinventing them with asymmetrical hemlines and abstract, cross-cutting necklines. To avoid overwhelming the look, the angular details were often offset by the neutral colors of the pieces.

Plaid is Back in Full Force
It’s fall, so you know what that means: plaid is back, baby. The pattern is a major trend this season, seen in both the traditional black-and-red and in more subdued hues that are suited for an afternoon on the fairway. We suggest keeping your plaid pieces limited to one per outfit, but if you’re feeling particularly rebellious, try mixing a bold, large-plaid jacket with a more subdued, small-plaid button-down in a neutral color underneath. (Designer Andrew Nowell nailed the look perfectly in the middle picture above.)

The Classic Trench Reinvented
The runway was burgeoning with new installments of the classic trench. The traditionally khaki coat was reinvented with deeper necklines, new silhouettes and added elements like an unexpected stripe. Top Rank even took a cue from international fashion weeks, featuring a trench in the deep, ocean-inspired cerulean blue that was seen all over runways in Milan and Paris this year.

A Taste of DC: Urban Streetwear
A newcomer to this year’s DC Fashion Week was local company Good Life University. The college-inspired graphic shirts and baseball tees were paired with bright kicks, a salute to the array of urban gear seen on the streets of DC. Other tees in the collection were tucked into chinos and paired with boat shoes for a more classic look. The young clothing line added a nice touch of DC flavor to the runway that really resonated with the show’s hometown audience.

Get Tribal
One of the most popular trends were tribal prints that seemed to have no particular origin. Models sported fabrics with undertones of the three E’s: ethnic, elemental and earthy. A tip to take this bold trend from runway to every day? Don’t overdo it: make one tribal print piece the focus of your outfit and compliment with tribal-themed accessories.

White on White
Crisp and clean, in all its minimal glory, white is the fastest way to dress fresh for the upcoming season. The white on white trend was seen over and over again on the runway, as designers like Andrew Nowell created fully monochromatic ensembles (down to the accessories) with a classic feel. If you’re hesitant about going all-white, try adding a tasteful pop of color, like Ray Vincent did with this white and lime-green accent.

The Capone-Era Ensemble
Al Capone, eat your heart out. The roaring ’20s were alive on the runway, as perfectly-tailored suits and elegant fedoras reminded us of a time where well-dressed gangsters and flappers were all the rage. Paired with a cool pair of shades, the Prohibition-era ensemble is one part badass and all parts dashing. Designers updated the look with unique tie-tying styles and subtle, belted sashes.

A Time for Tapered
In recent years, pants have gone from skinny to skinnier. The skinny pant that has reigned for seasons has been replaced by something a bit more approachable; it’s looser in the hip and tapers down to a leg that’s slightly skinnier, but not quite pipe-cleaner territory. Not too tight and not too loose, these pleated and tapered styles are among the most refined pants you can get now.

Article By: Trisha Cruz
Photo Credits: Trisha Cruz

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