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When you want to make sure that your home represents who you are and what you are like, it is important to take a moment to look at the home design trends that might appeal to you. Your home is a place where you should feel completely comfortable, so take a moment to look at some of these trends and to see what they might do for you. It is very important to find ways to make your home exclusively your own.

Cool, Bright Colors

You’re in luck if you are someone who loves green and blue. Cool colors are very in right now, and you’ll find that they give your home really fresh, clean look. Choose greens and blues that are on the lighter side of things. Tropical and Mediterranean shades can give your home a splash of color that livens it right up.

Sun Rooms

Sun rooms are a carry-over from the Victorian era, and in the past, they were places for plants that couldn’t deal with the dark Victorian rooms. Today, you’ll that a great sun room is great for plants and for anyone who loves basking in the early morning or late afternoon light. The glass walls of a sun room allow it to stay wonderfully warm, giving you a place to read or just relax. Use wicker furniture in a sun room for a pleasantly traditional touch.

Frosted Glass

Frosted glass is becoming more and more popular, especially in the city. Not only can have beautiful designs etched into your windows, you will also find that you can maintain your privacy even if you leave your windows open. Choose a lovely floral motif for your frosting, or choose something Celtic in nature for a more angular look. Frosted glass might also be used to give your windows a charming border.

Light and Lots of

While it’s true that light never goes out of style, you’ll discover that lighting is being used in a big way on 2013. Natural light is a given, so choose windows that are large and open. Small windows in your doors and spaces like bathrooms and kitchens can go a long way towards opening up the space. Similarly, you will also discover that you can use cabinet lighting to put a spotlight on your favorite items. Lights on bookshelves can do the same thing while giving your home a rather modern aesthetic.

Wall Murals

Representational art is replacing the more abstract art that was popular in the last few years, and one area where that is coming out is in the wall murals. Wall murals allow you to take a simple and rather plain wall and turn it into a statement about who you are and what you like. Choose a wall mural theme that speaks to you; some people have a wall mural of their favorite monument, or they choose a particularly beloved family photo. Take a moment to consider what the design trends for 2013 are going to be and how they will suit you!

Author: Jacinta is an Architect and Design Specialist from Sydney, Australia. She says that these are the top 5 trends to look for from home builders in 2013. If you are looking for a quality new home builder, Jacinta recommends having a look at Coral Homes.

Photo Credits: Coral Homes

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