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Stunning as its looks and feels, TORLYS Leather is bold, luxurious and environmentally responsible flooring crafted with recycled leather. TORLYS Leather Floors are made with leather fibers recycled from the manufacture of jackets, upholstery, belts, shoes and handbags. These European styling floors feature a cork backing with renewable resources and a natural insulator for extra comfort, warmth and quietness.

Inspired by the quality of fine Italian leather, TORLYS has created a distinct collection that includes 8 different styles with names such as Trieste, Novara Black and Modena Wine. TORLYS Leather floors are made with recycled leather is finding their way into virtually every room in the house with the exception of bathrooms. From living rooms, media rooms, home offices, kitchens and bedrooms to even mudrooms, this floor makes a dramatic and unique statement.

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