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Terme Di Saturnia Spa & Golf Resort unveils luxurious full body treatments made of 23 carat gold and Amber. These magical beauty experiences make you feel like royalty, offering TLC for the mind, body and soul. Sessions last for 2 hours each, priced at €390 to €420. The destination spa and golf resort is located at the base of the medieval Tuscan village of Saturnia in the heart of the Maremma region of Italy.

At the heart of the Golden Body Treatment are the essences of pure gold, silk and ginger.  A scrub enriched with extracts of ginger camomile, silk protein and Jojoba oil exfoliates the skin while the scents create a state of pure serenity. The mixture includes a luxury gel of 23-carat gold, caffeine, carnitine, aescin and coenzyme with lipolytic results. A flourish of hot oil is poured on the skin to nurture and create a luminous glow. After is a relaxing Pindasweda massage to pamper the entire body with camomile, lavender, calendula and balm scents. The body is then covered with a ginger-based mask and particles of gold to reduce and tone. At completion a rich emollient cream of silk protein provides a divine velvety texture for a sublime sensation of paradise.

From use in sacred incenses and amulets to beauty and wellness treatments, Amber is once again at the forefront of achieving total wellness. It is now the featured ingredient for treatments and therapies at Terme di Saturnia Spa & Golf Resort due to its powerful detoxification and drainage properties. Applied using balls of Baltic Amber, the Saturnia Amber Massage combines the benefits of the precious Baltic resin with the art of massage for a rejuvenating effect. The amber balls stimulate the circulation and reduce physical and emotional stress providing a “remise en forme” effect and total well-being.

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