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The VANESA REY Necklace Case unites bold fashion and function, making life easier to juggle for the modern, tech-loving woman, helping to streamline everyday essentials, increase productivity and stay connected, all while on the go. The uniquely designed and patented VANESA REY Necklace Case combines a detachable jewelry-grade chain necklace with a slim wallet case that has an open-faced design, giving unrestricted access to the iPhone screen, while keeping credit cards and cash protected and close at hand. The Necklace Case allows the modern woman to effortlessly fuse her professional, digital and social life’s demands by providing easy access to and storage for her most indispensable gadget for communicating, meeting goals and maintaining relationships.

The VANESA REY Necklace Case features a sophisticated, uncomplicated design that can be woven into virtually any wardrobe. The Necklace Case comes in two collections, the Signature Collection and the Jewelry Collection, which offers crystal-set embellishments inspired by vintage jewelry. Each collection comes in seven different styles and features four standard colors made of genuine leather and three colors made of vegan leather.

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