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Now that the construction of the first stage of the controlled temperature city-in-a-dome has begun, the sheiks of Dubai have found another, equally ambitious project in which to invest. The giants of Dubai Holding and Emaar Properties have formalized their plan for Dubai Creek Harbour, a giant six acre suburb revolving around two central 450 meter high twin towers. Located on the shore of the Persian Gulf, the project will resemble a lagoon in a way, immersed in greenery and traversed by various artificial streams and canals used for transportation. This innovative project is eco-oriented, with an intention of respecting nature and enhancing the existing environment. It will clearly also bring yet more wealth to the UAE.

Apart from the two futuristic skyscrapers that resemble two sleek rocket ships , there will be nearly 40 thousand luxury apartments of various sizes , five star hotels and luxury stores and boutiques. The Dubai Creek Harbour is poised even to become the new heart of financial activity of the city, given that much of the available space will be occupied by offices and headquarters of important corporations, Arab and otherwise. But the zone will also have a vibrant night life, and will be well connected to central and peripheral Dubai. And given the current urban scape of the vicinity, already with many imposing skyscrapers nearby, this prestigious project will be certainly well received.


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