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The world’s largest virtual world developer, Utherverse Interiors, recently unveiled a one-of-a-kind software program that will revolutionize the real estate and interior design industries with virtual house tours that allow users to design a home from start to finish without leaving their computers or moving even one piece of furniture. Utherverse Interiors software users can decorate a home, plan a move and shop for new homes online.

Utherverse Interiors lets homeowners upload a floor plan of their house and walk through each room virtually, changing furniture around, trying out new paint colors and wallpapers, and testing flooring materials until it looks exactly the way they want it. This brand-new software also simplifies the entire home buying process from start to finish, making it a must-have for real estate agents. This 3-D software revolutionizes the real estate industry by letting an agent show prospective buyers each and every detail of a home before they ever set foot inside. It allows agents to show as many homes as they want in a day without leaving the office by replicating every detail of each room in a house in 3-D, and letting the buyers tour each room as if they were actually inside walking through it in person. Looking for the perfect home can be exhausting, and Utherverse Interiors makes it simple for buyers to narrow down their selection and eliminate the homes they aren’t interested in before wasting time visiting them in person.

With the help of’s Virtual World Web developers, buyers can easily simulate what they want each room to look like before all their boxes and furniture are moved in. The 3D virtual world model lets new homeowners plan their entire move in advance by letting them test different arrangements before they move until they find the one that works best. After they find a room design plan they like best, they simply hand the directions to the movers and leave the dirty work behind. To check out Utherverse Interiors 3-D home design preview products, visit

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