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Formidable entrepreneur, Vanessa Gouden, has created a stunning new collection of luxury womenswear designed for the ambitious and  affluent modern woman.

With business interests spanning the mining, healthcare, financial and lifestyle & leisure sectors throughout Africa, Europe and the Asian subcontinent, Vanessa is truly a force to be reckoned with. And this is no less true regarding her venture into fashion design. The new collection, ‘Mining Landscapes’, features pieces which combine stunning patterns with timeless shapes to bring a contemporary look to classic tailoring.

Featuring trench coats, shift and tailored dresses, and pencil skirts the collection consists of three distinguishable lines; ‘from discovery to creation’, ‘chain reaction’ and ‘rare earth’. These lines all draw upon the mining industry’s processes of transforming raw elements into works of art, associating glamour with an industry usually more connected with function than fashion.

‘From discovery to creation’ draws on the colours and effects found naturally occurring in the earth’s ores and rocks. Bold splashes of deep reds, purples, greens and greys emulate the way iron and copper ores occur naturally through stone. Set against stark black or white silk, satin and organza fabrics these designs are an avant garde look for forward thinking women. The line includes a classic A-line dress with a cinched waist for a tailored finish. Paired with minimal accessories, this dress is perfect partywear for the chicest of occasions. This line also holds Vanessa G’s signature piece, the timeless trench coat. Half-printed with the line’s bold palette, this is a real wardrobe statement.

The aptly named ‘chained reaction’ reflects Vanessa’s mining industry heritage. The design utilizes chains to symbolize the processes and links in the mining sector used to extrapolate precious metals and stones from the earth. Combining flora and fauna with man made elements brings beauty and harmony to the industrial iconography, softening it using bright citrus hues and deep blues reminiscent of spring. This line features two dresses, a flattering shirt and short trench, giving a modern touch to classic shapes.

Flora and fauna take prominence in the third line, ‘rare earth’. Bold oversized flowers and butterflies in warm yellows and deep reds adorn a selection of dresses, a shirt and skirt. There is also a lightweight silk printed jumpsuit which comes in monochrome hues and is a wonderful chic alternative to the maxi dress. A blazer, skirt and pair of trousers in delicate white and gold jacquard design also feature in this line, retaining an element of the industrial details seen in the other lines when contrasted with the bold printed jumpsuit or flora and fauna pieces.

This elegant collection, like Vanessa’s others, aims to combine classic fashion with stunning art to create visually captivating clothing. Her exquisite, unique pieces combine style, quality and intense design; the embodiment of ultimate luxury.

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