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Versace has partnered with 85-year-old Murano glass making firm Venini to released two new styles in their exclusive collection of vases in blown glass. Since their release, the historic pieces have been greatly in demand by home decorators who value Italian hand crafted workmanship, attention to detail and a passion for striking chromatic colors.

The first style uses the ‘Pezzati’ technique to create Melt, Bulb, Round and Lantern vases. This is a chromatic revised version of the very first piece designed exclusively by Venini for the House of Versace, the VVV Vase. The updated color displays align the vase with the newest Versace designs.

The second style uses a ribbon design for the Cork, Globe and Lamp vases – simple oversized vases characterized by vibrant colors and strict shapes. The ribbon (band that buckles each vase) was designed by Donatella Versace herself and serves as the distinguished symbol of the new collection.

This collaboration between Versace and Venini represents the worlds of fashion and design, and expresses the two brand’s matching aesthetic values – an emphasis on graphic motifs and colors, which almost form the DNA of the two companies. Donatella Versace has said of the collection: “I’m so proud because with this new collaboration, we re-created some historical vases that Gianni had designed, obviously re-edited and streamlined”.

These new styles are available to customers online at Versace Home, along with several other pieces including bed linen, tableware and limited edition collector pieces.

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