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Condé Nast Traveler’s Readers crowned Villas of Distinction with the Travel Awards 2010, by the world’s most discerning travelers. Thanks to Villas of Distinction, the world’s favorite villa company, a sunny winter getaway to escape holiday stress is now possible. Villas of Distinction, a premier luxury villa provider, has just released its new “Top Three Reasons to Choose a Villa Vacation”.

“Top 3 Reasons to Choose a Villa Vacation” from Villas of Distinction:

1. Villas are the Ideal Layout and Budget for a Family Vacation

With dreams of the perfect family vacation comes the stress of feeding extra mouths each day and finding activities that won’t break the bank. Plus, don’t forget about the added cost of booking multiple hotel rooms. Why vacation in a cramped, 750 sq.-ft. hotel room when you can enjoy a luxurious villa for the same price, with more amenities than you could ever imagine.

2. Vacation Like a VIP on Any Budget

Affordable luxury is not an oxymoron, according to Villas of Distinction. The average traveler can vacation in celebrity style, enjoying a variety of services that come with virtually every villa rental…all at no additional charge! These perks, like personal butlers, cooks, grocery delivery service and private maids, are reserved for true A-listers in luxury hotels; But not with most private villa rentals.

3. Customized Vacation Planning Saves Travelers Time and Money

Villas of Distinction’s team is comprised of personal vacation planners, who are on hand to help design your ultimate dream vacation. The best part? They are experienced in customizing villa getaways to any budget.  From arranging private volcano tours in Hawaii to knowing the most affordable yet unforgettable Caribbean snorkeling spots, tapping the services of villa vacation planners surely beats waiting in lengthy hotel concierge lines, only to be handed a brochure of crowded local “hotspots.”

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