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Effective lighting in the home is very important. Without lights we would be stumbling around in the dark and probably end up killing ourselves trying to cook dinner. But each room in the home has different lighting requirements and too much light is almost as bad as too little light. With this in mind, here are a few simple lighting tips to help you show off your home in the best possible light.

Different Types of Lighting

There are lots of different types of lighting for homes.

Ceiling pendant lights – Most homes have pendant lights hanging in the middle of the room. It is a fairly traditional type of light and in the right setting a ceiling light can look very attractive.
Wall lights – Wall lights can be a nice touch if you want to create a softer lighting effect in a room.
Table lamps – Large rooms always benefit from one or two table lamps. There are lots of different table lamp designs, from the purely decorative to the highly functional, so look for a lamp that fits your decorative scheme.
Floor lamps – Like table lamps, floor lamps provide spot lighting in particular parts of a room. Position a floor lamp next to a chair so you can read comfortably at night or add one to a dark corner where there is nowhere to place a table lamp.
Exterior lighting  – Lighting is just as important outdoors. Security lighting is essential for entrances and you should also consider installing lighting along pathways and driveways to prevent accidents.

Kitchen Lighting

Good lighting in the kitchen is vital. It is impossible to prepare food without decent lighting so make sure you have plenty of lights. Ceiling spotlights are useful in kitchen and dining areas and high intensity LED lights offer plenty of illumination. Under cupboard lighting is also a nice touch for kitchens. You can use this for times when extra light is not necessary.

Bathroom Lighting

The bathroom is another room in the home where decent light is important. After all, applying makeup and shaving are both difficult to achieve with any accuracy when the light is poor. Lighting for bathrooms has to be moisture resistant, so ideally choose a light that is suitable for a bathroom environment.

Bedroom Lighting

Lighting in the bedroom needs to be fairly subtle. Harsh lights are not conducive to romance, so it is best to avoid fitting halogen spotlights in the ceiling. Small table lamps are a good choice for a bedroom. Combine these with some wall lights and a reading light next to the bed.

Living Room Lighting

You can cover all bases with living room lights. A ceiling light may be appropriate if you want to make it a decorative focal point, and when combined with wall lights and a few lamps, you can turn the light down when you want a more relaxed feel.

Custom lighting options come in all shapes and sizes, so always shop around for the best products and the best prices.

Author: Liam Bramble writes articles for home décor websites and he has a special interest in lighting. He knows how important an effective lighting scheme is, so he particularly enjoys trying out custom lighting schemes in his home.

Photo Credits: jinkazamah and Richard Rhee

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