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Have you ever noticed that your ceiling fan has multiple speeds including a reverse option? While you may switch your ceiling fan on during warmer weather in an attempt to keep cool (and likely increase its speed on really hot days), you may not realize that your ceiling fan serves a purpose during cold weather, too.

How Ceiling Fans Work

In normal mode, ceiling fans spin in a counter-clockwise direction. Their blades are positioned to push air down, resulting in a cool breeze. By switching your ceiling fan to reverse, the fan now spins in the opposite direction. Meanwhile, their blades have not been switched around so they circulate the air that is above them rather than the air below. As you know, heat rises. Thus, when a ceiling fan runs in reverse, it circulates the warmer air above, disrupting it and sending it throughout the room.

By running your ceiling fan in reverse during colder weather, you can:

Redistribute warm air that has risen to the ceiling
Enjoy a warmer indoor environment
Cut your heating bills (by up to 10 percent according to some estimates)

Tips for Using Your Ceiling Fan in Reverse

While reversing your ceiling fan is a simple matter of flipping a switch, your comfort and energy savings can be improved by following these tips:

Confirm that the fan is running in reverse – Flipping a switch is easy, but what if you’ve been running the fan in the wrong direction all along? Double check to make sure that the switch is in the reverse position and that the air is not being pushed downward.

Choose the lowest setting – The idea is to disrupt and displace the warm air above, not create a breeze. The lowest setting is sufficient for this and less likely to cause you to feel chilled.

Lower your thermostat a few degrees – Since the ceiling fan in reverse helps to re-circulate warm air, your heating system won’t need to work as hard. Depending on where the thermostat is located in relation to the room with the ceiling fan, you may want to manually adjust the setting downward to conserve energy.

Ceiling fans are practical and beneficial for your family as well. Reversing your kid’s ceiling fans whether it is the Disney princess ceiling fan or the Buzz Lightyear ceiling fan in their bedroom will help maintain the warmth of their room during cold seasons and keep your family happy and healthy (Source: Kids Ceiling Fans by Ceiling Fan Designers).

Author: Isabelle Lee is a distinguished interior designer from Florida and likes to share her expertise in improving the look and feel of your home.

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