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Whish FlawlessWhish Body ButterWhish Body Wash

Ever had a beauty wish you couldn’t grant? Make all your beauty wishes come true with some of our favorite potions from Whish. An exclusive wishful line of luxury shave and bath & body products for women. Has over grown hairs and bumps got you in a slump? Solution: Deflaw your not so perfect skin with Falwless.Scare those unwanted flaws away. Need a butter way to tone up that skin? Solution: Three wishes will release pomegranate triple antioxidant body butter to your skin. Has your shave cream hit a ruff patch? Solution: Smooth and sooth things over with lemongrass shave crave. How do you slow down the hair on your legs? Solution: Simmer them down with shave savor hair inhibiting gel. Want to cleanse your skin without drying sulfates? Solution: Soak up the bath with some pomegranate body wash. To purchase visit the Whish website.

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