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PaidBursting with cultural and historical significance, Barcelona is definitely one of the world’s most visited cities. Its quirky, airy, and youthful vibrancy just keeps drawing more and more people in, making it one of Spain’s biggest cities and the blazing capital of Catalonia.

True enough, Barcelona has an undying charm. Its eccentric beauty never escapes those who are hungry for culture, history, architecture, and arts. Even those who are not too thrilled about the idea of skirmishing their way through thick crowds of people will surely find something to love about this lovely, magnificent city.

Here’s a few of the irresistible facts about Barcelona:

#1: Its rich variety in culture and people.

Most tourists might expect to find the truest heart of Spain in Barcelona, but the truth is: this city is actually exploding with Catalonian nationalism.  You’ll hardly ever hear Spanish because the main language is actually Catalan – a distinct tongue specific to Catalonia and which also sets it apart from the rest of the country. Earlier in history, the Catalonians had been under the Franco regime but have since tried to get up on their own feet as an autonomous state.

#2: Its incredibly merry music scene.

Do you consider yourself a music junkie? If you do, then you will definitely find your haven in Barcelona. The Primavera Sound Festival provides a three-day music fest which boasts of the greatest band line-ups the rock scene could ever imagine. If attending this festival is on your list, then prepare for a pumped-up, sleepless, albeit unforgettably exciting three days of fun and music.

#3: Its undeniably scrumptious array of food choices.

Sweet tooths and health buffs both have a place in this wonderful city. Breakfast? Try their churros y chocolate and without doubt, you’ll be convinced that it’s the best there ever is. Meanwhile, for those who like to keep it healthy and simple – La Boqueteria, amidst the high saturation of trigger happy tourists up front, provides a hidden gem somewhere at the borders. Fresh vegetables, fruits, and cured meats are just teeming in these laid-back little nooks and it’s a guarantee that you will never appreciate healthy food the same way again.

#4: Its wide range of budget accommodations.

One of the advantages brought about by Barcelona’s being a worldwide top destination is the high availability of accommodations in this place. Luxury travelers, mid-range tourists, and backpackers all have something to look forward to because there are just so many to choose from – to a point that it might become near impossible to actually choose! For your convenience, best take advantage of online comparison sites like Apartment District Barcelona so that you can be sure that you’ll pick the right apartment or hotel during your stay in this gorgeous piece of Spain.

#5: Its stunning, bizarre architecture.

Gaudi, though now in eternal repose, remains alive through his magnificent works that stand still in the city of dreams. The Sagrada Familia Church, which to date remains unfinished, is the artist’s greatest work that he spent almost half of his lifetime working on it. Gaudi is one of Barcelona’s highly respected architects and you will definitely see how visible he still is once you set foot in the state’s capital.

Author: Cedric Loiselle is a passionate and ever on-the-go traveler who also takes pleasure in sharing his traveling experiences through exceptionally-written articles. For online apartment comparisons and reviews, he recommends

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