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From a woman’s power to the power of femininity a new fragrance has found its connection through all women. Womanity is the link that brings women together making them feel fearless, strong and powerful. True femininity not only symbolizes stilettos and a little black dress but a true essence of fragrant energy that compliments and defines a woman’s persona. Fragrances by Thierry Mugler  are full of symbolic stories that are tastefully surrealistic. “Pleasantly sweet and  charming” don’t define them because they are unpredictable, charismatic and chic on the outside.

This fragrance flaunts an ambitious but playful harmonic scent. A flamboyant trio of sweet juicy fig fruit, a savory note of black caviar and the smooth base of fig tree wood defuses a fine hewn of fragrance notes. The fig chord is quite loud but in good taste, showing off a voluminous statement of “wow’. Sophisticated aphrodisiac of caviar is not as fishy as it may seem. You’ll be surprised to find that the mixture doesn’t reek seaside cuisine but instead an enticing and subtle multitude of mystery. Finally the elegance of of a woody accord is the third layer, fig wood and leaf flourishes the pulse points with purity.

During the filming of the Womanity “Is She You ” film stands the women of Thierry Mugler’s new adventure into femininity.

The bottle wears the face of a women, representing an architectural onsombol of simplicity and historical royalty. Polished with a delicate flush of rose, the force of an engraved motif elongates with an oval base. A detailed painted zamak is intertwined with an engraved phrase that’s in a mysterious language. Completing the edgy look is the silver totem head detail and chain-ring attached to the bottle opening. Let the magic and musical tune of this fragrance shine on your emotions and womanhood.

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