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In general, London, Hong Kong and New York are the areas where the most expensive apartments can be found, but Monaco and others also make the list. The most expensive residential apartments have incredible amenities including 24-hour staff catering to the residents of the apartment building. If you are in the market for an apartment that costs more than 100 million pounds, we have several suggestions. If you just love sheer beautiful design and gorgeous amenities, these apartments can satiate your desire for looking at beautiful architecture.

1. London’s 140 Million Pound Apartment

The most expensive apartment in the world costs 140 million pounds and is located at One Hyde Park. This penthouse apartment features a 21-meter swimming pool and a golf simulator. An indoor cinema, gym and wine cellar are coveted amenities that the owners at One Hyde Park will enjoy.

Eye scanners are located in the lifts and also in the panic rooms for added security into the home. This apartment designer spared no expense and features stone and marble from all over the world. The concrete infused with limestone aggregate cost 50 million pounds alone.

At the apartment, residents can make use of valets, butler rooms and a concierge. Shopping and restaurants are located at the nearby hotel, Mandarin Oriental. Rolex and McLaren are just two of the boutiques featured. Along with this apartment, there are 83 apartments and 60 percent of them have been sold to Middle Eastern and Asian buyers.

2. Avenue Princesse Grace Monaco

Most of the apartments on this street have incredible views and cost $120,000 or 74,796 Pound Sterling per square meter. At one point, the real estate on this street was worth 118,427 pound sterling or $190,000 per square meter. A 334-square meter penthouse apartment on Avenue Princesse Grace would cost approximately 31 million pounds or $50 million or approximately 92,886 pound sterling or $149,000 per square meter. The square meter measurement does not include the 220 square meter terrace included with the apartment. The apartments on this street are incredibly expensive.

3. Fifth Avenue, New York City

Fifth Avenue is constantly in the top five for the world’s most expensive apartments. The apartments are 44,884 pounds or $72,000 per square meter. Four hundred square meter apartments with terraces and views of Central Park have sold for as much as $29 million or 19.1 million pounds. Residents in the area are hesitant to sell their properties because there is a perception that the apartments have been discounted. This creates a lack of supply.

If You Are a Member of the Ultra-Rich, Try These Areas to Find an Apartment

These three areas are just a few of the more expensive areas to purchase a residential apartment. Hong Kong, Paris and Moscow also make the list of the most expensive areas to purchase an apartment. Consider these areas for luxury and the latest advancements in design and technology. The apartments will be sure not to disappoint.

Author: Warney Boyd – Warney writes about small business tips. He recently attended a business presentation by Brett Kelly , the CEO of Kelly+Partners in Sydney, and found him to be one of the most motivational speakers he has come across. 

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