Can Red Wine Help You To Digest Your Food Better?

Anyone who suffers from tummy troubles knows how life-changing it can be. We’re constantly on the lookout for anything that will mitigate our symptoms, whether we suffer from IBS or Reflux, it’s enough to make you want to give up on eating for a while. But obviously, that’s not the answer.

Many people with poorly stomachs can live life as healthy human beings, with the right diet and a little help from medication. Other than probiotic rich foods, there are many products that can aid happy digestion. And wine-lovers, it’s your lucky day – red wine is one of them.

Only recently, science has unearthed proof for something that we suspected all along: wine is delicious and it’s good for us too.

It seems The Bible got something right: ‘Drink no longer water, but use a little wine for thy stomach’s sake.’

No, we’re not making this stuff up. Check the book of Timothy. Keep up science, The Bible is leaving you for dust.

Red Wine And Improved Digestion

According to studies, drinking your recommended amount of red wine before and after your meal can help your stomach process the food well. Aside from all of red wine’s alternative health benefits, it can improve the good bacteria in your gut and lower inflammation caused by some unhealthy foods.

Doctors say that having a few glasses of red Bordeaux with your meal can actually protect you from arterial damage for as much as four hours. This goes a long way towards explaining the French Paradox – people with high fat diets having low chances of heart disease.

For years, scientists have scratched their heads over the Parisian diet and wondered why they didn’t have more dead people on their hands. Now, it’s speculated that the widespread consumption of red wine protects French people from croissants and other pastries. The antioxidants in red wine actually decrease the levels of bad cholesterol in the body.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should glug a bottle of Merlot and call it quits. Alcohol still has the potential to cause severe tummy problems, if consumed in vast quantities. Stick to the recommended daily amounts, however, and you could see a notable difference in your stomach health.

Women, this means you can consume 2 -3 units of red wine a day (roughly one generous glass), and men can enjoy between 3 and 4 units (which equates to around two glasses).

Try sipping your red wine slowly before a meal. This will get your stomach producing digestive acid, ready for your main course. Instead of lining your tummy with food, line it with a little Pinot Noir (approach this carefully, as wine on an empty stomach can produce feelings of giddy tipsiness). Between mouthfuls, keep taking on a little wine. The alcohol will help break down the food in your tummy, making it easier for your stomach to digest.