When it comes to formal occasions, a tuxedo is an essential part of a man’s wardrobe. It is vital to find a suit that fits well. There are four basic types that will work for different body types. Here are some tips to select the best one.

The Tall and Thin Man

When a man is long and lean, a double-breasted jacket will work well. It will accentuate a man’s shape and muscles. Choosing extra shoulder padding will broaden the chest as well. The pants should be full and contain a high waist. This body type will look good in a cummerbund. This can be an accessory that matches a girl’s prom dress or members of a bridal party. Since this body type is considered ideal, any tuxedo choice will look good.

The Tall and Husky Man

When a man is tall and muscular, a shawl collar tuxedo jacket is the best option. It has a thinner collar with no notched lapels. Normally, this type of jacket is single breasted. For a thick neck, a spread collar will be wise. It will prevent the look of being choked. Trousers should have wide legs to accommodate muscular thighs as well. If a man is thick in the middle, it is wise to choose a vest over a cummerbund. A cummerbund will feel uncomfortable and restricting and will draw attention to the area.

The Short and Stocky Man

A short and stocky man should select a single-breasted jacket with a low button. This will make the torso look long and lean. Trousers should be pleated as well. This will slim the legs and add height to the overall appearance. The shirt should not have tip collars, and the tie should be thicker in width. This will blend well with a wider face. Once again, a vest should be selected over a cummerbund.

The Short and Thin Man

A short and thin man will appear best in a single-breasted jacket with a single button. This will elongate the torso. The pants should be pleated and break over the shoes. A smaller bow tie will blend with the smaller frame, and a patterned vest will be appropriate.

Additional Tips

Besides the above information, there are other tips that a man should follow when choosing from the many tuxedos that are available. To begin, it is vital to place a few hours aside when visiting a tuxedo shop. Choosing a tuxedo is something that should not be rushed. Consulting with an experienced sales clerk and explaining individual wants and needs will assure the best results. A clerk can properly measure a man’s body to deliver the right fit. When the tuxedo is ready, it is essential to try the entire outfit on in front of a mirror. This will allow for any last minute adjustments that are necessary.

No matter what jacket is chosen, it must fit properly. This means that as the arms are down at the sides of the body, the fingers should comfortably reach the jacket’s hem. Also, the shirtsleeves should hang an inch below.

It is important to access the event before choosing a tuxedo. Not every event will warrant the need for this type of formalwear. For a casual event, a nice suit may be just as nice. However, a tuxedo is essential for a very formal occasion.

Even though buying a tuxedo may be an expensive investment, it may be a smart idea for a man who frequently attends formal events. However, most men will get along fine with a rental. If a man needs a tux for a prom or wedding only, renting will be the best option.

Since there are many tuxedos to choose from, it can be challenging for a man to select the one that fits the best. It is important to consider individual body type before making a final decision. No matter what body type a man has, selecting the right design will make him look great. When a tuxedo is necessary, it will be helpful to visit a shop that specializes in all types formalwear. This will provide a wide range of options and will have a trained staff to measure for a proper fit.

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